Model RDX
Demolition Grapples

Built For
Designed for extreme wheel loader applications involving demolition, rock hauling, and tree work.
Split Grapple
Each side is designed to be independently operated
Wide Bottom Rake
Allows for debris and dirt to easily fall through leaving only wanted material
Fits Todays Popular Quick Attaches
Available in Volvo, John Deere Hi-Vis, CAT IT, CAT Fusion, JRB Compatible

Biting Action

GrabTec, Demolition grapple bittin action
A closing gap that overlaps the ends of the teeth provides for maximum clamping force. This ‘Biting Action’ helps hold material and items stable which reduces the ability of loads to ‘shift’ and helps prevent bent and/or broken Teeth with unnecessary twisting.
Cutting Edge supports between the Teeth provide lateral stability as well as additional ‘Biting Action’ for loose material or odd shaped items.
Staggered Teeth provide better ‘Biting Action’ helping to grab and hold on to material.

Twist Resistant Hinges

Tiwst resistant hinges on the demolition grapple allow it to handle the toughest envorionments
All pivot pins feature zero-maintenance bushings and wiper seals. No grease is required anywhere on the grapple. The pins are hardened steel with chrome plating and have generous tapers for easy installation.
Wider hinge spacing and massive Pin Diameters allow for maximum clamping power while minimizing flexing. Less flexing helps reduce material fatigue and extend the life of the parts and product.

Maintenance Free Greaseless Pin Technology

GrabTec Greaseless Pin Technology allows for almost frictionless motion between the bucket and grapple joints
Chrome Pins
Composite bushings along with massive chrome pins provides an almost frictionless motion allowing for smoother and longer use of attachment
Rubber Seals
Rubber Seals on each side of the bushing keep debris and moisture out for longer life of the attachment
3 Year, 5000 hour Warranty
Large Pin diameter, chrome pin, and rubber seals keep your grapple working longer and harder

Better Cylinders

By building our own cylinders we are able to produce some of the best in the market.

Buttress style threads are 2 times the strength of standard threads
Threaded Glands
Built to withstand today's heavy use, Buttress Style threaded Glands provide 2x the shear strength as standard threads insuring longer life of the cylinder.
Cross Eye Design
Both ends of the cylinder use a Cross Eye design to increase the contact surface area between cylinder and pin. This helps distribute the load over a greater area and help reduce wear on the pins.
Cushioned Cylinders
Prevents the shock that comes from opening and closing the grapple allowing longer life for your investment.