Model GX
Wheel Loader Grapples (4.5yd - 7yd)

Grapple Only, Bucket is optional
Built For
Built for 4.5yd3 - 7.0yd3 Wheel Loaders and telehandlers. Designed to grab the maximum amount of volume whether it be Silage,Trees, Brush, Bales, Hay, or any other odd sized load
Maximize Your Existing Machine
GrabTectm products maximize the capabilities of your existing machine allowing you to handle more material with each load, reducing the total number of loads, making you more efficient. Do more in less time.
Removable, Quick Attach Style Grapple
Use it when you need it, remove it when you don’t. Take it off, put it on, choose the right tool for the job.
General Specifications
[A] Max. opening, ground to teeth (in)
Number of Teeth available
Teeth Replaceable
Diameter of main grapple pivot pins (in)
Limited Warranty on Grapple material and workmanship
1 year or 2,000 hours, whichever comes first
Maximum Primary Clamping Force at tips of teeth with 3750psi (lbs)
Hydraulic hoses for the cylinders are supplied, as well as two tees. Typically the wheel loader's auxiliary hydraulic spool supplies the tees for grapple operation.

The quick-attach feature of GrabTec grapples requires that custom mounting kits be welded to the bucket. All mounting kits are designed so that the bucket is protected from the forces that are exerted on it by the grapple cylinders. Additionally, the support plate is adjustable. This ensures that the retaining pins that secure the grapple to the mount can be easily removed.
[B] Grapple Width
# of Teeth
Fit Bucket Sizes
4.25 - 7.00