Model GS
Skid Loader Bucket & Bucket Grapple Combos

Built For
Built for machines with the universal skid loader quick attach. This bucket's larger capacity is designed to allow todays larger Skid Steers, Compact Utility Tractors, Compact Wheel Loaders, and Telehandlers take advantage of their heavier lift capabilities.
Reach & Pull Technology
Working like your hand, the Patented "Reach and Pull" action provides the maximum opening space for grabbing the biggest bite possible. Massive clamping forces hold the load in place. The Model GS excels at grabbing tree limbs, brush, loose hay, silage, bales, and odd shaped items.
Taller, Deeper Bucket
A bigger bucket allows you to handle more material with each load, minimizing trips and providing maximum efficiency
Maximize Your Existing Machine
GrabTectm products maximize the capabilities of your existing machine allowing you to handle more material with each load, reducing the total number of loads, making you more efficient. Do more in less time.