Model GS
Skid Loader Bucket & Bucket Grapple Combos

Built For
Built for machines with the universal skid loader quick attach. This bucket's larger capacity is designed to allow todays larger Skid Steers, Compact Utility Tractors, Compact Wheel Loaders, and Telehandlers take advantage of their heavier lift capabilities.
Reach & Pull Technology
Working like your hand, the Patented "Reach and Pull" action provides the maximum opening space for grabbing the biggest bite possible. Massive clamping forces hold the load in place. The Model GS excels at grabbing tree limbs, brush, loose hay, silage, bales, and odd shaped items.
Taller, Deeper Bucket
A bigger bucket allows you to handle more material with each load, minimizing trips and providing maximum efficiency
Maximize Your Existing Machine
GrabTectm products maximize the capabilities of your existing machine allowing you to handle more material with each load, reducing the total number of loads, making you more efficient. Do more in less time.

Patented Reach & Pull Technology

The Model GS skid loader grapple combines a unique two pivot grapple arm to provide the operator with a larger opening area to grab more material and a grabbing action to hold more of that load.


With more than 72” of clear opening space you can grab much bigger loads than conventional grapples which tend to Clamp down on their loads.

Reach and pull open


The grapple does not start sweep unitl top has been engaged allowing for a much larger bite.

Reach and pull 3/4 open


The twin pivots also create a pulling action, as the teeth will land approx. 21” in front of the bucket and then pull the load in with its final closing motion.

Reach and pull half open


Stop is engaged and the grapple begins to close, "sweeping" the material into the bucket.

Reach and pull closed

All New
GS Series II

The Series II grapple has been specially designed to fit large frame John Deere, Bobcat, Kubota and CAT skid loaders.

series 2 model gs for john deere large frame skid loaders
The Same Motion Now Fits More!
The Torque tube has been moved forward to account for the skid loader arms and hydraulics. Allowing clearence for when the grapple is rolled fully back.

Better Cylinders

By building our own cylinders we are able to produce some of the best in the market.

Buttress style threads are 2 times the strength of standard threads
Threaded Glands
Built to withstand today's heavy use, Buttress Style threaded Glands provide 2x the shear strength as standard threads insuring longer life of the cylinder.
Cross Eye Design
Both ends of the cylinder use a Cross Eye design to increase the contact surface area between cylinder and pin. This helps distribute the load over a greater area and help reduce wear on the pins.
Cushioned Cylinders
Prevents the shock that comes from opening and closing the grapple allowing longer life for your investment.

Miller Loader Heavy Duty Bucket

Miller Loader, heavy duty bucket
Heavy Duty Skids
Offering better wear protection the entire length of bucket
Precision Built
Using the latest in robotics technology gives it superior productivity and longer life.
Replaceable Cutting Edge
High Strength cutting edge allows for extended bucket life

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Removable Teeth

Just two bolts and you're back up and running

GrabTec toothbar
Square Tube provides end to end rigidity as well as excellent resistance to torsional twisting, making it strong enough for any job
Replaceable Teeth with Grade 8 bolts make repairs as easy as two bolts, while providing excellent strength and wear resistance.
Clamp Plate
Four Grade 8 bolts and a clamp plate keep toothbar in place