Model GDX
Skid Loader Demo Grapple With IClaw™ Action

Built For
Designed for extreme skid loader applications involving demolition, rock hauling, and tree work.
Split Grapple
Each side is designed to be independently operated.
Fits Standard Skid Loader Quick Attaches
Fits any machine that has a universal skid loader quick attach.

Patent Pending
iClaw™ Action

The model GDX features the greaseless pin technology that grabtec has become known for
More than
the capacity of a
traditional grapple
Model GDX Grapple
Tradition Grapple
How it works
The patent pending motion of the GDX grapple features 2 actions happening simultaneously as it closes.
The Motion
  1. The Claw is rotating about the end of the arm helping to PULL (and HOLD) material.
  2. The Arm is swinging out over the cutting edge pulling material in.

the Claws
All in One Claws

interlocking teeth
Bitting action holds loads better ensuring the biggest load possible.
triple layer teeth
More strength, longer life making your investment last longer.
forward located cutting edge
Allows unit to be used as a ground leveler after skid loader or compact wheel loader creates ruts.
Cutting edge on claws
Helps grab and hold material, provides lateral strength while moving loads. Making you more productive by having peace of mind.

For All Types Applications

Single Claw

Single acting claw provides maximum clamping pressure for smaller machines

Independent Claws

Independent action allows for claws to fit to uneven load shapes

Twist Resistant Hinges
With our patent pending iClaw™ action and massive 1-1/4 chrome pins we are able to achieve a twist resitant grapple. This gives your grapple a longer life and saves you money over time.
Massive Clamping Force
The cylinders used in the GDX are the cylinders you find in our wheel loader grapples. This gives the grapple clamping force like you've never seen in a skid loader grapple before. The single claw options have 2 cylinders for the single claw. And the Independent claw option has 2 massive cylinders, 1 for each claw.

Quick Attach
A forward thinking Quick Attach

Offset Quick Attach
The quick attach is offset from the angle on the back of the bucket, thus offering better clearance to machine compomemts while keeping loads as close to machine as possible.
Quick Attached Intergrated Into Bucket Ribs
Stronger connection providing support for bigger heavier loads. This style of construction better handles the shaking of the grapple when dumping loads giving your machine a longer life.

Zero Maintainence
Greaseless Pin Technology

Massive Chrome Pins
Composite bushings along with massive chrome pins provides an almost frictionless motion allowing for smoother and longer use of attachment
Rubber Seals
Rubber Seals on each side of the bushing keep debris and moisture out for longer life of the attachment
3 Year, 5000 hour Warranty
Large Pin diameter, chrome pin, and rubber seals keep your grapple working longer and harder
The model GDX features the greaseless pin technology that grabtec has become known for

Cylinder Protection

The model GDX features a cylinder shield to keep debris away from the grapple
3 Side of Protection
With protection on 3 sides of the cylinder you can confidently bit into debris. This allows you to be more efficient by not having to worry about the load.