Model GB
Backhoe Grapples

Grapple Only, Bucket is optional
Built For
Built for Loader Backhoes and Skip Loaders. Perfect for states, cities, counties or townships
Fits Your Bucket or Ours
With our extensive database of buckets profiles, we make a grapple to fit your existing bucket or pair it with one of our high strength, high capacity buckets.
Maximize Your Existing Machine
GrabTectm products maximize the capabilities of your existing machine allowing you to handle more material with each load, reducing the total number of loads, making you more efficient. Do more in less time.
Removable, Quick Attach Style Grapple
Use it when you need it, remove it when you don’t. Take it off, put it on, choose the right tool for the job.

Easy Shipping

With our grapple design, we can break down and ship your GrabTec Grapple with ease anywhere in North America

GrabTec grapple can be shipped in a shipping box
Modular Design
Our greaseless GrabTec Grapples are built using a modular design. This allows us to break down your grapple and ship it in pieces to its final destination. With the modular design the grapple can then be assembled using a couple of pins and bolts. All cutting down on the final cost of your grapple.
48" (w) x 48" (d) x 37" (h)

Maximize Your Bucket

GrabTec, Model GA Maximize bucket
Volume of Material
The wide space between the grapple and the bucket allows high-capacity handling of loose material. This combined with the wide opening of the grapple means it is much more effective at handling material than rake or scrap grapples, which tend to squeeze objects rather than pull them into the bucket.
A closing gap that overlaps the cutting edge is typical with most buckets.

Removable Grapple

GrabTec, Model Model GB removeable grapple
Quick Attach Style Grapple
Remove the Grapple by pulling a single pin from each side
Self Storing Stand Legs
Built right into the grapple itself, the simple stand legs make for easy storage

Maintenance Free Greaseless Pin Technology

GrabTec Greaseless Pin Technology allows for almost frictionless motion between the bucket and grapple joints
Chrome Pins
Composite bushings along with massive chrome pins provides an almost frictionless motion allowing for smoother and longer use of attachment
Rubber Seals
Rubber Seals on each side of the bushing keep debris and moisture out for longer life of the attachment
3 Year, 5000 hour Warranty
Large Pin diameter, chrome pin, and rubber seals keep your grapple working longer and harder

Better Cylinders

By building our own cylinders we are able to produce some of the best in the market.

Buttress style threads are 2 times the strength of standard threads
Threaded Glands
Built to withstand today's heavy use, Buttress Style threaded Glands provide 2x the shear strength as standard threads insuring longer life of the cylinder.
Cross Eye Design
Both ends of the cylinder use a Cross Eye design to increase the contact surface area between cylinder and pin. This helps distribute the load over a greater area and help reduce wear on the pins.
Cushioned Cylinders
Prevents the shock that comes from opening and closing the grapple allowing longer life for your investment.

Removable Teeth

Just two bolts and you're back up and running

GrabTec toothbar
Square Tube provides end to end rigidity as well as excellent resistance to torsional twisting, making it strong enough for any job
Replaceable Teeth with Grade 8 bolts make repairs as easy as two bolts, while providing excellent strength and wear resistance.
Clamp Plate
Four Grade 8 bolts and a clamp plate keep toothbar in place