Model BP
Bale Positioner

Built For
Built for 2.0yd3 - 4.5yd3 Wheel Loaders. Designed to spear and position two bales simultaneously, reducing the number of handling times. Mechanically spacing rows of bales helps minimize spoilage by eliminating pockets for snow, ice, and rain to accumulate.
Fits Todays Popular Quick Attaches
Available in Volvo, John Deere Hi-Vis, CAT IT, CAT Fusion, JRB Compatible
Maximize Your Existing Machine
GrabTectm products maximize the capabilities of your existing machine allowing you to handle more material with each load, reducing the total number of loads, making you more efficient. Do more in less time.

Rigid Frame and Slide Design

GrabTec, bale slider rigid frame
The Model BP Slider glides on a Greaseless bearing system rather than one tube inside another. This prevents binding and hang-up while eliminating the need for greasing.
Heavy Duty
A heavy duty rigid framework minimizes deflection and keeps the Slider Bars in perfect position for an easy slide creating less wear for longer life.
Sliding Action
Up to 30” of horizontal sliding action.

Maintenance Free Greaseless Slider Technology

GrabTec Greaseless Pin Technology allows for almost frictionless motion between the bucket and grapple joints
Chrome Sliders
Composite bushings along with massive chrome pins provides an almost frictionless motion allowing for smoother and longer use of attachment
Rubber Seals
Rubber Seals on each side of the bushing keep debris and moisture out for longer life of the attachment
3 Year, 5000 hour Warranty
Large Pin diameter, chrome pin, and rubber seals keep your grapple working longer and harder